Hi! I’m D. H. Taylor. Thanks for stopping by.

This site is dedicated to determining price movements based upon fundamental data. I studied mathematics and economics at the University of Denver. I follow various markets. I trade these markets:

• FX Markets
• Bitcoin and alt-currencies
• S&P 500
• Bond Markets
• Commodity Markets (Oil & Copper)
• Precious Metals (Gold & Silver)

I start from the standpoint that the consumer is the driver of the major economies. Understanding the incomes, confidence and expenditures of the consumer is the first, and foremost approach of my analysis. From this perspective, I determine supply/demand of whatever I am analyzing.

Everything is relational. In order to trade one thing it must be determined what is being considered against. For instance, you do not trade the AUD as a currency but you trade the AUD versus another currency. Therefore, I wanalyze various economies around the world to include:

• Australia
• New Zealand
• Japan
• China
• Hong Kong
• Singapore
• The Euro Area
• Switzerland
• The United Kingdom
• Canada
• The United States

I am continually monitoring these economies starting with the consumer and determining how economies are expanding from this.