Bitcoin to bust $3k on Sweden and election.

Bitcoin to cross $3k on Sweden and its election.

With Bitcoin, I feel like I am writing about a new first almost daily.  And, here’s another.

There is a politician in Sweden – Mathias Sundin, a Bitcoin enthusiast – that is running his entire political campaign on Bitcoin alone.  Cool.  He is already a Swedish MP; this is a re-election bid.  He promises to cut through red tape if re-elected and push Bitcoin into better acceptance.  Cool

And, there is evidence the ploy is working.  Sweden’s LocalBitcoin exchange has seen surges in trading and new users, adding 1,000 new users per month.  I can name a dozen brokerage firms that would dream of that kind of volume increases.

The end result is that Bitcoin keeps on keeping on, heading for $3,000.00.

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