Bitcoin: Up? Down? How about both.

Is BTCUSD going up or down?  There is no realistic way you can tell me, so don’t.  The real “man” for this trade says:  “Who cares.  I will make money either way.”

Deribit has at-the-money put options, expiring in 10 days for $130 USD to buy.  The trade is simple:  Go long 1 coin and buy 2 put options (That is your ratio).  If BTCUSD goes up, you need a move to about $2,800.00 to break even.  If it goes that high, it will likely break through $3k.  If BTCUSD goes down, you need about $2,200.00 to be profitable over your cost of the option plus the loss on the long position.

Easy trade.  Bitcoin will move but no rational person knows which direction at this point.

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