Buy the dip on WTI, oil, with a delta hedge

Buy WTI on this dip.

Here’s a crazy notion, and I am taking it.  I am buying this dip on WTI.  The rational is simple:  It goes against everything the market is doing, and that is exactly the reason to do it.

Who is left to sell?  Is there more supply that will all of a sudden show up and be sold?  No more than normal.  It is the specs I am targeting.

My position is going to be a delta position.  I am long spot with an at-the-money put as an insurance.  I am long a 1-week, and am long 2x my spot size.  I will sell the spot on various levels as the market rises.  If the market falls, I put in long orders.  I need about a $2.50 move higher to be break-even.

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