“Crack” go the Crypto-Currencies, Bitcoin and Etherium

BTCUSD Bitcoin
BTCUSD could test below $2,000.00 level

This move lower in Bitcoin may have legs.  I said this just yesterday and it is looking like it is coming true.

I had to defend yesterday’s comments and article.  In my post, I wrote that I believed ETC is a better built crypto-currency.  As pointed out by some commenters, it has its faults as well.  But, the long term damage to the BTC ego may hurt for a minute until the currency recovers some.

I can see ETH coming down sharply with this move:

ETHUSD is getting cracked and likely to press far lower

I can also see ETH overtaking BTC in market cap.  This does not mean that ETC will overtake BTC as a crypto currency.  They do not do the same things.  But, Bitcoin is too plain vanilla and has issues that I do not know how they will get resolved.

In the meantime, ETHBTC is moving lower and I think this is going to be a decent opportunity to buy into this currency:

ETHBTC may move lower, but long term this currency would head higher

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